How to Identify Job Interests

People often think the first step in a job search is writing a resume, but that isn’t true for everyone. Before diving into a job search, it’s important to consider the types of jobs that you are interested in and the skills you most enjoy using.

If you haven’t been interested in or passionate about your past jobs, it probably won’t make you any happier to find a job that’s exactly like what you’ve previously done. Just because you’ve always been a flight attendant doesn’t mean that you can ONLY be a flight attendant. Think about your skills and abilities. If you’re interested in making a career shift, it’s likely there are skills you’ve used in previous jobs, internships, volunteer experiences, etc. that would easily transfer to a different job. For example, skills in: conflict management, customer service, written and verbal communication, and computer programs are all skills that would be required in many jobs.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do next, try a career assessment or resource for career exploration. Take an opportunity to see where your interests lie and explore possible careers that would allow you to utilize your skills.